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How to create User Input form for existing index data


I'm getting real time twitter feed to Splunk and created dashboards as per user requirements. Now we need to train our datasets for auto ML(Machine Learning). For that I want to create a dashboard with the fields like "TweetText", "Sentiment", Score and Date fields.
Sentiment may be "Negative" or "Positive" or "Neutral".

I want to create another field for user Input (for example say "True Sentiment", I would like to give dropdown options like "True Positive" OR "True Negative" OR "True Neutral".

Please note, the data is coming to Splunk in real time, how shall we enable edit option for users to add input like this? Please advise with some XML code. Thanks

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hello there,
i cant fully understand the question and / or the challenge you are facing. can you elaborate?
how would you like the user to interact with the data?
in any case, all the samples you need are here:

iirc there is also a blog on splunknig twiter data that has some twiter dashboard code in it.

hope it helps

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