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How to Stop SubmitButton when there is a validation error in the dashboard ?


I have a field 'Value'  in dashboard that is being validated by an external .js .
When the validation match fails it shows the error message "Please input a valid Value". But when I ignore that message and hit submit button, it anyways submits that record.
I want the dashboard not to submit, until I input the field with correct values and no validation message comes.
I have so many input fields , but I am validating only the 'Value' field. And I don't want the user to be able to submit record while ignoring the validation message.

<input type="text" token="value" id="tkn_value_id" searchWhenChanged="true" depends="$some_condition$">
], function(_, mvc, $) {
var tkn_value = splunkjs.mvc.Components.getInstance("tkn_value_id");
tkn_value.on("change", function(e) {
// e.preventDefault();
if (!isValueValid(e)) {
alert("Enter Valid Value")
return false;
function isValueValid(userInput) {
var res = userInput.match(/(^\s|\"|\s$)/g)
if (res == null)
return true;
return false;

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Do not use the default submit button provided by the dashboard editor. 

Create a custom button that will submit the form once validation is complete.  This can be done in the same Javascript file used for the validation but create a if statement that if the validation fails the form doesn't submit.

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I am new to JavaScript , could you elaborate a bit about the positioning of the if condition in the JavaScript ,please .

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