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hello all,

I have a input script to index data into Splunk. Through UI I want to input some configuration parameters and then write them in a file. When the script is run it should read the file and if it finds what it needs go on retriving data. Otherwise nothing happens.

In order to achieve my goal I'm thinking to use a Form for displaying the UI widgets needed. Since I'm just a Splunk beginner I must ask whether this is feasible ? and if yes what technologies need to be employed ? I am particularly interested in the following details.

  • is it possible to build simple custom UI (buttons, text-edit, dropdown widget, list)
  • is it possible to execute a particular python script when some user event happens ( press a button, something from a list is selected)
  • is it possible to dinamically load items in a dropdown list ? (I plan to read them from a file)

Otherwise could you suggest other means of configuring my app through UI. I imagine this must be somehow possible since Splunk is MVC based.

The Splunk version for which this app is intended is 5.0.5

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I believe this can be accomplished via the Modular Inputs capability in Splunk 5. However, take a look at Splunk 6, as a lot changes with it, and Modular Inputs may be different.

Also, look at this Splunk Blog entry on Modular Inputs:

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Also the docs mention a couple of times that Spluns is MVC based. This means there got to be some other way in which one could configure and control an app.

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I have considered this, but I want to avoid this since 1)I don't want to share my custom Modular inputs with other applications. 2) I want to provide a unified experience within the application, all should be available from my app navigation menus.

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