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How to distribute Python dependencies as part of a Splunk TA ?




I am working on a Python script that uses the gitPython package and I am trying to distribute the app as a TA. But I'm having a hard time with how I distribute the dependency (gitPython). I checked out the code another TA and it seemed like they had all of their dependencies in a local file and were able to import them. I've only used pip to install and work with dependencies.

How do I install my dependencies to a local folder and how I import them from that folder?


I figured it out with the help of madscient and alacercogitatus on the Slack.


So to install a package locally:



pip3 install -t ./gitpython gitpython 



Then I had to move the git folder from the gitPython package:



mv gitpython/git ./git 



so that the structure is this:
----Git's files

Then I just used



from git import Repo


in the python script and changed my calls for the repo command to 'Repo'.

Not deleting this just in case someone else needs help and finds this.

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