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search heads recognizing indexes in a clustered environment


in my cluster i've setup the master and search peers and have the neccessary "master-apps" and "slave-apps" directories setup. I've got the custom indexes.conf in


the bundle pushes correctly and and on the peers its correctly going to


When i add the search head to the cluster, it's not able to see these indexes.
on the master dashboard it also only shows the basic default indexes and not the ones getting pushed in the bundle.

Do i need to manually add the indexes my bundle creates or should i do something else to get the master and search head to recognize each index?

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Re: search heads recognizing indexes in a clustered environment

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If this does happen to you; Create an index with the same name on your cluster master in order to resolve this behavior. This will just be an empty index on the master, don't try to forward data to it.

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