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captain fails to bootstrap in new search head cluster

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I have 3 new splunk servers which have been Initialized to be used in a cluster and a deployer.

when trying to bootstrap the captain i get the following error:
Failed to Set Configuration. One potential reason is captain could not hear back from all the nodes in a timeout period. Ensure all to be added nodes are up, and increase the raft timeout. If all nodes are up and running, look at splunkd.log for appendEntries errors due to mgmt_uri mismatch .

upon looking at the splunkd.log file i see a whole raft of these errors:

04-25-2018 15:09:55.676 +0100 ERROR HttpClientRequest - HTTP client error: Connection reset by peer (while accessing http:
04-25-2018 15:09:55.676 +0100 WARN SHCMasterHTTPProxy - Low Level http request failure err=failed method=POST path=/servi
ces/shcluster/captain/members/1AEB90B8-99D0-404A-8B54-FA5FA676E8DB captain=eusplunks06:8089 rc=0 actualresponsecode=502
expectedresponsecode=200 statusline="Connection reset by peer" socketerror="Connection reset by peer"
04-25-2018 15:09:56.652 +0100 WARN ConfReplicationBookmark - serializeToJson: tried to serialize an empty bookmark
04-25-2018 15:09:56.652 +0100 WARN SHCHouseKeepingThread - writeSHCStateToStateStore: failed to serialize the bookmark
04-25-2018 15:10:00.682 +0100 WARN HttpListener - Socket error from while idling: error:1407609C:SSL routin
es:SSL23GETCLIENT_HELLO:http request

has anyone had this issue before?

many thanks in advance.
James m

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