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Is it possible to send specific EventCodes to a different index other than the specified index. I want to send some application specific EventCodes to an application specific index that is not the default EventLog index.

For example.

EventCode 1-1000 goto index A
EventCode 10000-11000 go to index b

Is this possible?

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To answer your question... Yes, it is possible. This is the documentation you require:\_specific\_eve...

You would have to modify your REGEX statement in your transforms.conf to grab the events you require:

    REGEX = EventCode:([0-9]{1,3}|1000)
    DEST_KEY = _MetaData:Index
    FORMAT = indexA

    REGEX = EventCode:1(0[0-9]{3}|1000)
    DEST_KEY = _MetaData:Index
    FORMAT = indexB

You might have to play around with the regex statements provided in example



also see the part that says "Route specific events to a different index" here:

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