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Splunk on 1st Gen AppleTV

Anyone had success running splunk on a 1st gen AppleTV (hacked)? looking for a low power home logging solution that is quiet and low power.. An old appleTV is looking for a new lease on life.

Thoughts on the distro to use and the RPM (32bit i think) to leverage (deb or RPM depending on distro).

Ideas ?

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You can use instructions here to get Ubuntu on a 1st gen ATV you can obviously skip the XBMC portion:

The above instructions worked flawlessly on an old 1st gen I had laying around that I re-purposed. Once you have Ubuntu running you can use the standard 32bit Splunk installer. Considering the 1st gen ATV only has 256mb of RAM and and a 1Ghz Intel processor I hope you don't expect much performance. I believe there was a 40Gb and 160Gb hard drive model. If you have a 40Gb model space may become an issue.

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