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Why am I not receiving events into Splunk enterprise from the remote splunk forwarder?


I have an enterprise and a forwarder on the remote system
Mid Jan 2020 I am not receiving any events from the forwarder.
The team who build this hasn't documented about how it was configured. I referred all the documentation on the splunk>answers and I have tried with no luck to find the cause and fix. I am a newbie on splunk. Both servers are on AWS. Nothing changed as per my knowledge last month. Please help rectify.

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First, you should know about the Inherited Deployments manual ( It contains a lot of good guidance on how to figure out what you have.

Obviously, something changed a few weeks ago. Finding it will be the challenge.

Start by verifying the forwarder is running. Verify it can connect to the indexer ("enterprise"). If it can't, check the firewalls on each server as well as the AWS security groups on each end.

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