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Where is the best place for props.conf and transforms.conf?


Hi folks

I've got a distributed deployment and want to keep the overhead on the splunk forwarders as small as possible. So I prefer to enable the SplunkLightForwarder app via my server class. Now I got some troubles as my props.conf and transforms.conf never get applied to my events, even if I try to test them with a really simple field extraction on x ways, such as via sourcetype, host or source... After reading the documentation about the SplunkLightForwarder I'm currently not sure if props.conf and transforms.conf are read by splunk when enabling the light forwarder.

So, anyone can tell me, if it's better to place props.conf and transforms.conf on the indexers side? If I do not have to expect problems using props.conf and transforms.conf on my forwarders, is there a way to trace them?

Thanks for helping Simon

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Thanks buddy, that helped 😃 Should read more basic docs 😉

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