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Where is the Distributed Management Console's index stored, and what storage is necessary for each monitored instance?

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HI Splunkers,

I want to try the Splunk Distributed Management Console on a distributed Splunk enterprise infrastructure and I have two questions about DMC use.

We want to install the DMC on a dedicated search head and we didn't find any information where Splunk will store the DMC's index (on our search head or indexer )?

Second point, what storage is necessary for each kind of monitored server and what is the retention time of DMC information?

Thanks for these clarifications

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The DMC doesn't store any data, as stated here every Splunk instance has to forward internal index as well as introspection index to the indexers :

The DMC is searching on those logs, stored on the indexers.

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