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What is the recommended hardware requirement for Heavy Forwarder?

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I will install HF on Linux OS for collect log only 1 device of Check Point OPSEC LEA for forward to Splunk Enterprise (Single Instance).

1. The Linux server should have hardware CPU12core, RAM12GB and Storage 300GB ?
2. I should add some license on HF ?
3. I should install Light Forwarder instead Heavy Forwarder ?

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Hello @mindterrian,

  1. For Linux server, this is recommended hardware requirement i.e. 12 Core CPU, 12Gb RAM. So it is better to go with this. You can use it for other apps as well like DB connect etc.
  2. There is no need of any license if you already have enterprise license with you. Just add HF on the same pool of license it will work.
  3. it is better to have HF in place for apps like OPSEC as you have better control and also you can do parsing on that server. I will recommand to a HF in place.
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