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What is simplest way to periodically fetch new lines from a remote apache access log file to a Splunk server without a static IP??

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My main Splunk web server application is running on my local Mac, http://localhost:8000/.

Since this main Splunk server that needs to injest a Apache access log file doesnt have a static IP address, I cant use the Universal Forwarder.

What is the simplest way to periodically injest new events from a remote Apache access log file, which I have ssh and scp access to (my guess is rsync, but perhaps there are pros can cons to other approaches that I am unaware of).

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
  • install an universal forwarder ... ok not possible, but so much simpler.
  • You can setup a syslog / rsyslog to forward the logs to your splunk indexer.
  • if you can have a static hostname (or use a dnsredirect like no-ip)
    • mount the vol folder on the indexer and monitor it
    • write a script to connect to your remote server and rsync / scp the files to a local monitored folder
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