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Suggestion to Integrate tools into splunk without using Splunk addons


Hi @gcusello ,


Can you please guide me on the below.
The requirement is like i need to integrate Bitbucket,Bamboo and UCD with splunk. I mean i have to pull logs from Bitbucket,Bamboo and UCD to Splunk and create a dashboard for the same in Splunk.  But the addons listed in Splunk base (, (, ( is not supported for Splunk version 8 or, are unable to pull the logs using the listed addons . Can you please let me know the steps to proceed with integration without making use of splunk addons.



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Hi @Nith1,

I don't know those add-ons probably aren't supported in Splunk 8 because they contains some Python scripts so they will be migrated in the futire.

You could create your own add-on in this way:

  • identify the APIs to extract logs,
  • write a script using those APIs,
  • save them in an add-on.

You could also see the scripts in the Add-on and check if they run with Python 3 and eventually modify them, probably the problem is that none hase migrated the old ones.

For more infos see at



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