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Splunk cluster


Please suggest the best practise for splunk deployment


  • Index data of size 2GB daily
  • Data comes from 20 different hosts
  • Report generation on data

Proposed Solution:

  • Search Factor=2, Replication Factor=2

  • 20 forwarders to pull data from hosts

  • One master node, Two Peer Nodes(for Indexing) , One Search head

  • Data on each node would be 1GB (considering RF and SF)

My question is does this set up looks good or can i avoid search head as there are only two indexers, please suggest some best practices . Do i really need to go for cluster set up if not what can be done ?????

looking forward for your ideas, Thanks in advance

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Re: Splunk cluster

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No, you don't need to have a cluster. It's a design decision which will give you added fault tolerance. Given the rather small amount of data you're indexing, a single server will most likely satisfy your capacity needs (depending on the amount of searches you will actually be making - scheduled or manual).

NB: with a cluster like you specified, the storage on each node will be 2GB daily, not 1GB, since you duplicate all your data (SF=2, RF=2). Thus it's 4GB spread over 2 indexers.


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Re: Splunk cluster


Thanks kristian

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