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Splunk Dispatch Command WARN - unable to search on searchheads


I am currently not able to search on my search heads. I am receiving the following WARN message in the splunkd.log. WARN DispatchCommand - Expected common latest bundle version on all peers after sync replication, found none. Reverting to old behavior - using most recent bundles on all.

Currently, 2 peer indexers are full, but the other search heads are not receiving this same error and are still able to search.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee
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"2 peer indexers are full" -- not clear on what you mean by that. Is this to say that there is no room left on the file system? Then I'd guess that the errant SH could not send its bundle when the other two filled the indexers up. As Scotty would say, "Cap'n, I need more space! I cannot do eet on my own."

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