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Splunk DB connect: How to change maximum size per event


Environments: Windows Server 2008 R2, Splunk 6.2.3, DB connect 1.2, JRE8, MSSQL

There are some events of more than 10 KB.
If they are indexing from command line interface, then it's successful.
splunk add oneshot file -index my_index -sourcetype my_sourcetype -auth id:pwd
And I check the event from dbquery, it's no problem.

BTW, DB connect 1.2 got truncated event until 10 KB.
I changed conf files like below.
Still I could not solve the problem.

TRUNCATE = 100000 
## 10 times than default

[dbx] = 100000
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I could swear that is a SQL Server limitation, but SQL 2008 was the new kid on the block last time I did this as $dayjob and I'm not seeing anything obvious on the web.

What exactly are you doing from DB Connect that's getting truncated? Indexing? a dbxquery? a dblookup?

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I want to index data from original source, and It's ok under the 10 KB.
I'm collecting data like below. SQL version is 11.0 from Cloud DB.

[1] Device (Original Source, JSON format) => [2] Cloud DB (MS-Azure) => [3] DB-connect 1.2 => [4] Splunk 6.2.3

[2] data fully support more than 10 KB. (OK)
[4] splunk indexes more than 10 KB from file. (OK)
[2]-[3]-[4] has the problem which got truncated.

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