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I'm trying to figure out where the app content is served from in a distributed deployment. For example, is the entirety of each app stored on every server in the deployment, or is it served from a single location? 

Specifically I have two questions - if you want to edit app dashboard or JavaScript files using a text editor, rather than the the GUI, can you do that in a distributed environment? If so where would you do that?

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What sort of distributed environment?
In a simple search head/indexer set-up, make those changes on the SH then restart the SH.
In a search head cluster, make the changes on the SHC deployer and apply the bundle.
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maybe this will clarify the installation to the distributed environment?

For your second question answer is yes. Actually it’s better to use some other tools like code editors with suitable add-ones. You should do this on your own dev environment and then distribute app as package(s) to the target servers.

r. Ismo