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Is it possible to specify which server's _internal index to search? I have a setup with multiple search head pools, plus a license master with many slaves. My goal is to run a query from any search head, but have it use the _internal index of the license master only.

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If you want to restrict searches to a particular server, you should tell it so;

index=_internal splunk_server=MY_SPLUNK_SERVER | blah blah

If you don't know the name of the server, you could probably find it out through a search like;

index=_internal | dedup splunk_server | table splunk_server

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Well, I guess that you could either

a) define the license master as a search peer for all your search heads, or

b) configure the license master to forward its _internal logs to the indexer(s).

In case b) you'd then be looking at index=_internal host=your_license_master instead of splunk_server


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The license master is only a search head, not an indexer, so it doesn't show up in these results. It's not configured as a search peer, just as part of a search head pool. Perhaps I have to change this, to make what I want to do possible.

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field splunk_server is the one which tell you which splunk instance the data come from

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