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License Master Disaster Recovery Process


Hi All,

I'm looking at a way to setup a DR process for a license master. We currently have our license master running in the same instance as our deployment server, and we have a standby deployment/license server in a 2nd site.

To fail over the license master to our standby, can I have the licenses pre-installed on the standby server? I'm concerned that we will get duplicate license errors as the deployment server needs an enterprise license to work. Or should the process be to manually install the license files at the time of a DR invocation? What do others out there do?

I can automatically fail over the communications to the standby license master, as these all go via F5 load balancers at the moment, but I'm not sure whether I can have the licenses running in both servers at the same time?



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I just got done looking at this same issue. I instlled the license file on the server that will be the DR license master, then changed it to a slave pointing to the license master. No problem. I then went back and changed it (using gthe GUI, so I can write DR failover instructions for someopne who is not a Splunk expert) to a standalone, again - no problem, license was still there. The remaining DR task would be to point the rest of the servers in our environment to the backup license server.

So, the short answer: Yes, I thnk so. Test it in your environment, I haven't set up a deployment server yet but it seems to work fine and there are no error messages anywhere.


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