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Is there a way to reload server class from the Splunk GUI?

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I'm using Splunk 6.1.4 deployment server with quite many forwarders connecting to it for apps/TAs. Whenever I make a change on a TA or App, is there a way to reload a specific server class (or the whole deployment server at least)?

I'm aware of splunk reload deploy-server [-class] command on the CLI, just wondering is something available on the GUI?


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It is actually quite easy. Use the URL below, substituting your host name for myHostName and the serverClass you want to reload for serverClassName


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I'm currently using 6.2.0 and the only way I've found to reploy a server class from the GUI is to go to "edit clients" and then select "save" which then kicks off a reload of the server class.

What would be nice is a "reload" drop down option from the server class tab in the GUI, maybe this could be submitted as a future enhancement to the deployment GUI.

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