Deployment Architecture

Is the deployer part of the search head cluster?



In SHC, is the Deployer considered part of the cluster? Should I run the "init schcluster-config" commands on that specific server?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Do not run "init shcluster-config" on the deployer. You only run that command on instances that you are enabling as cluster members, and a cluster member cannot be a deployer.



No. You just point the members of the cluster to the deployer. Reference our docs here:

You don't even need to point the cluster members to a deployer for it to function. But, the only supported method to deploy apps to the cluster is by the use of the deployer.

You are probably getting a little tripped up in how the deployer knows it's a deployer. In 6.2 any instance can be a deployer. Mothership splunkd is always "listening" for comms from a search head cluster. And when you first bootstrap a cluster, if you point it to a instance you have decided to be the deployer, then the cluster members communicate with it to make sure it is available.