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Is it possible to invoke powershell script in Splunk?

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Hi @sanjubaba,

I think that you're speaking of using a Powershell script for data input.

Anyway, you can use a scripted input (for more infos see at ).

In addition, you could see the Splunk_TA_Windows that uses many PS scripts (

In few words, you can use the PS script in two ways:

  • writing a file:
    • create a script that writes results in a file,
    • put it in the bin folder of your app,
    • schedule it in Windows scheduler,
    • read the file with a monitor input;
  • Directly sending output to Splunk:
    • create a script that send output to video,
    • put it in the bin folder of your app,
    • schedule it in inputs.conf,
    • Universal Forwarder, executes it following the setted configuration and output is directly sent to Splunk.

Second choice is better because you can manage it all in Splunk.



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