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IP ranges in server class

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I have multiple IP ranges that need range specific apps deployed to them but not the others.

here is an example of my IP's

Usable Host IP Range: -
Usable Host IP Range: -

when I build my server class for these two ranges will I have to use something like

range one: 172.24.128.*, 172.24.129.*, all the way up to>, 172.24,191.*
range two: 172.24.192.*, 172.24.193.*, all the way up to>, 172.24.255.*

or is there a better way to whitelist the ranges?

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Give this a try

#Usable Host IP Range: -
whitelist.0 = 172.24.12[89].*                   # will cover range 172.24.128.* to 172.24.129.*
whitelist.1 = 172.24.1[3-8][0-9].*            # will cover range 172.24.130.* to 172.24.189.*
whitelist.2 = 172.24.19[01].*                   # will cover range 172.24.190.* to 172.24.191.*

#Usable Host IP Range: -
whitelist.0 = 172.24.19[2-9].*                   # will cover range 172.24.192.* to 172.24.199.*
whitelist.1 = 172.24.2[0-4][0-9].*            # will cover range 172.24.200.* to 172.24.249.*
whitelist.2 = 172.24.25[0-5].*                   # will cover range 172.24.250.* to 172.24.255.*


Did this work? I too am trying to assign ranges to my server class with /21 etc. Wasn't sure if this was possible of the format that Splunk would expect. Thanks!


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