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How to get my Deployment Server to appear in the Distributed Management Console?



I have a dev environment and noticed that my deployment server does not appear in the Distributed Management Console. How do I get it to appear?

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Hi. We have DMC running on our the Splunk Deployer for our Search Head Cluster. We are at Splunk right now.

I followed these instructions: and I successfully see our Splunk Deployment servers in the DMC Console.

So what I believe I did was to add the deployment servers as search peers (along with our indexers and heads), turn on distributed mode in the DMC and then I see all these Splunk instances with their correct roles in the DMC.

I do see on

Note: If your deployment has nodes running Splunk Enterprise 6.1.x (instead of 6.2.0+), their instance (host) and machine values will not be populated.

There are more instructions on that page on how to add the hosts.