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How to get list of hosts added to our instance in the last 7 days?



I wanted to know hosts added to our instance in the last 7 days,

We want to create a report for this,

Kindly help..

Thanks in advance

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tested and working fine..

| metadata type=hosts |eval SevenDaysBack = relative_time(now(), "-7d@d") 
| where firstTime > SevenDaysBack 
| eval hostAdded=strftime(firstTime, "%d-%m-%Y %H:%M") 
| table host, hostAdded | sort hostAdded

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Use the metadata command for the quickest solution to this...

| metadata type=hosts index=*
| fields - firstTime,totalCount,type
| eval filterAge=relative_time(now(),"-7d@d")
| eval ageInSeconds = (now()-recentTime)
| where recentTime > filterAge
| convert ctime(lastTime) ctime(recentTime)
| table host ageInSeconds lastTime recentTime 
| sort - ageInSeconds

You can adjust the filterAge using Splunk time modifiers.

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thanks for your reply..

In the given query we are getting hosts which were added way before 7 days , actually we wanted to get a list of only new hosts added to our instance

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