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How do I set a default search index per app?

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We have reached a conclusion that a new app should have all of its data in a unique index.

How do I set (or override) the default index for searches under that app?

I understand setting default indexes per role. We could and probably will use specific roles per app. But is there a way to set the index for all searches under that app?

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one way to get a specific index or sourcetype in any search, if your apps contains searchBar module, is editing the view's xml and adding or modifying <param name="default">index="myappindex"</param>:

    <module name="SearchBar" layoutPanel="mainSearchControls">
    <param name="default">index="myappindex"</param>
    <param name="useAssistant">true</param>
    <param name="useTypeahead">true</param>
    <module name="TimeRangePicker">
        <param name="selected">Last 24 Hours</param>
      <module name="ViewRedirector">
        <param name="viewTarget">flashtimeline</param>

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Commonly this is done by making a copy of the flashtimeline view and then editing that parameter. Take a look at the *NIX app for an example.

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You could make the changes to the savesearches.conf for all your saved searches in the App. I don't think you can set an index per App like you can in a role.

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