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we have a splunk cluster with :
-a master
-2 indexer
-a search head

we are planning maintenance updates etc ...

so i tested out high availability of our splunk cluster.

The facts are that i stoped an indexer for few hours to see how buckets will react.

The cluster reacts ok BUT i have an issue with a few hot buckets that are not replicated from the host that stayed up to the host that was Down.

I think that buckets wich were started without a peer node to start replication are not replicated.

I think they will get replication when they go warm.

Meaning in my configuration i have to force hot buckets to go warm so i can replicate them and meet my replication factor.

Is there a way to start replication of hotbucket ?

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Well after putting down and then up (2 hours later) an indexing peer (lets call him SRVLOG2);

my cluster wasn't able to rebluid indexes and i couldn't reach my replication factor of 2.

I had to restart the other indexing peer (SRVLOG3) to get a few more buckets and finaly restart SRVLOG2 to get back to a fully operational cluster.

Obviously i have a bucket replication issue; i had the message :

Too many streaming errors to target=. Not rolling hot buckets on further errors to this target. (This condition might exist with other targets too. Please check the logs.)

restarting the splunk service was the first solution i think off; but i think a lighter solution would be to move from hot to warm i'll try this solution soon.

Of course the best would be not to have to do nothing when a peer goes back on, bucket fixing operations from the master should do that job.

PS : thanks for your answer 😃

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Are you seeing bucket errors in SRVLOG2/...var/log/splunk/splunk.d?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


Hot buckets are replicated too. (The replication is not per-event but a certain slice of data.) See for more information.

Could you elaborate on what exactly was the issue?

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