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Edit hot/warm/cold data retentions


I want to add below configuration to specific indexer
Hot/Warm/Cold Data retention 6 months 1.75TB
Frozen Data retention 6 months

configuration is

coldPath = $path\colddb
enableDataIntegrityControl = 0
enableTsidxReduction = 0
homePath = $path\db
maxTotalDataSizeMB = 1835008
thawedPath = $path\thaweddb
maxDataSize = 1835008
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 15780000

but when am trying to add anew index i got error like below
The following issues were found with submitted configuration: stanza=myindexparameter=maxDataSize Value supplied='1835008' is illegal; default='750'

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From the doc on indexes.conf

maxDataSize = <positive integer>|auto|auto_high_volume
* The maximum size in MB for a hot DB to reach before a roll to warm is
* Specifying "auto" or "auto_high_volume" will cause Splunk to autotune this
  parameter (recommended).
* You should use "auto_high_volume" for high-volume indexes (such as the
  main index); otherwise, use "auto".  A "high volume index" would typically
  be considered one that gets over 10GB of data per day.
* Defaults to "auto", which sets the size to 750MB.
* "auto_high_volume" sets the size to 10GB on 64-bit, and 1GB on 32-bit
* Although the maximum value you can set this is 1048576 MB, which
  corresponds to 1 TB, a reasonable number ranges anywhere from 100 to
  50000.  Before proceeding with any higher value, please seek approval of
  Splunk Support.*
* If you specify an invalid number or string, maxDataSize will be auto
* NOTE: The maximum size of your warm buckets may slightly exceed
  'maxDataSize', due to post-processing and timing issues with the rolling

Note the max size on maxDataSize is 1048576. maxTotalDataSizeMB and frozenTimePeriodInSecs are the parameters you need to control the data size of your index. See more on archiving data (rolling to frozen) here:

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