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I am having a hard time trying to understand the difference between the two. I wonder if Splunk can make future name changes to make this more clear.

Caution: You must use the deployer, not the deployment server, to distribute apps to cluster members. Use of the deployer eliminates the possibility of conflict with the run-time updates that the cluster replicates automatically by means of the mechanism described in "Configuration updates that the cluster replicates."
= This is a snip it from

What I am trying to do.
1. Deploy LDAP to Search Head Cluster (going from an old architecture which used just a stand alone splunk server. single authentication.conf works with LDAP).
2. From what I"m reading, I need to create an application, and use my Cluster Master (which is secretly also called the deployer / correct me if I'm wrong) to push the app by placing in :
3. I can not find anywhere, steps on how to create an app by using the Cluster Master / Deployer. I CAN find instructions on how to create apps using the deployment server.... which is different than the Cluster Master / Deployer.

Can Splunk make this any more unclear?

  • A deployer is used to deploy apps to a search head cluster.
  • A cluster master is used to deploy apps and manage replication within an indexer cluster (single or multi-site)
  • A deployment server is used to deploy apps to forwarders (and technically could be used to deploy apps to other Splunk servers as well but with a number of caveats)

A Splunk instance can play any set of these roles (and a few others) simultaneously, but they are distinctly different things. And could be deployed on separate Splunk instances.

"Can Splunk make this any more unclear?"
- Be careful what you wish for since it might come true. 🙂

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Thank you for the response acharlieh.

The server I am using as my Cluster Master is, (stands for cluster master).

In my directory structure I have:
/master-apps - this is for my index cluster
/shcluster - this is for my search head cluster ... no?

So is my server, serving as both a deployer, and cluster master?
Is this normal? I just followed standard setup for my new splunk architecture.

My architecture is:
Search Head Cluster =,,
Index Cluster =,,,,
Cluster Master =
License Master =
Deployment Server =

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In follow up, I just want to know how to deploy an app to my search head cluster. Is it just a matter of creating a directory with the authentication.conf file into the /opt/splunk/etc/shcluster directory and then run the splunk apply schcluster-bundle command?

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