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Deployment Server Hostname or IP

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Where can I get the IP or hostname of Deployment Server?
I need that to install the Universal Forwarder.
Do I create the Deployment Server?
Or where can I get the IP or hostname of Receiving indexer?
One of two I need to continue the installation of Universal Forwarder.
Unfortunately I have no idea.
Thanks for answers.

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There are several ways of getting this address especially I'd you already have servers that are sending information to spunk.

Login to one of the existing servers that you know are forwarding events.
From the spunk bin directory run the following command Spunk list forwarder-server

That will list the active deployment server or servers. Use the address of the active deployment server.

Another way to view the this information with out running the command above is to look at the deploymentclient.conf file located on a known good working server that is forwarding logs to Splunk. This will the address or name of the deployment server(s).