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Data Feed Status in splunk: How  I would know when the last time data came in under any index/sourcetype?



How  I would know when the last time data came in under any index/sourcetype?  I have one query (see below) is showing me the feed status by index. But, my objective is to find when the last time data was fed to  indexes/source types. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

| tstats prestats=t count where earliest=-7d@d latest=-0d@d index=* by index, _time span=1d | timechart useother=false limit=0 span=1d count by index


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Try this search

|tstats values(sourcetype) as Sourcetype latest(_time) as Time groupby index,sourcetype|fields - Sourcetype | convert ctime(Time)

 It will give you a table of the last day an event was received by index & sourcetype.



Thank you so much for your quick response, greatly appreciated. It's giving be only the status for main index and its source you think following going to work, how ever it's computationally very you have any other optimal solutions ?

index=*|stats count values(sourcetype) as Sourcetype latest(_time) as Time by index|fields - count | convert ctime(Time)

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