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Can we list the hot buckets?


With all the discussions about smartstore here, there is some sort of treatment of the hot buckets mechanism as a cohesive layer. Can we maybe produce a report of the current hot buckets, their size and age?

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Try this:

| dbinspect where index=* state=hot
| fields startEpoch sizeOnDiskMB path index
| eval now=now(),ageInHours=round(((now-startEpoch)/3600),2),sizeOnDiskMB=round(sizeOnDiskMB,2)
| fields - now startEpoch
| table index path sizeOnDiskMB ageInHours


Using this query, I see huge discrepancies between the ageInHours for different indexes - how can we visualize it nicely?

BTW, the round function fails to do its job here for some reason.

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Hot buckets are not part of SmartStore.

Use the |dbinspect command to for information about buckets, including hot buckets.

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