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Can I restart search head servers from a deployer?

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I have 3 search heads . can I restart those from deployer server using below command?
splunk rolling-restart shcluster-members -status 1

My indexer cluster and deployer are on same instance .
when I see from Web UI in Indexer Clustering: Master Node , it shows my search head servers, however when I run " ./splunk show shcluster-status" on same server it says below ..
"Search Head Clustering is not enabled on this node. REST endpoint is not available."

Also "./splunk show cluster-status " shows all indexer details correctly.

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hello there,

i think you are confusing the Deployer - controlling the members of the Search Head Cluster with the
Cluster Master - controlling the peers in an Indexer Cluster
read here about Deployer and SHC architecture:
read here about Cluster Master:

hope it helps

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thank you for the links.

just want to check , if I have configured deployer , will I be able to restart my search head server from deployer server ?
Also if the deployer is configured correctly , I should be able to see the search head cluster status from deployer server ( when I run ./splunk show shcluster-status ) . at the moment it is now showing cluster status

Or is it that I need to study more in Splunk?

Thank you

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Both SHC Status and rolling restart CLI command can only be invoked by Cluster member search heads. Deployer's only role is for configuration deployment to SHC.

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