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After trying to add a new member to a search head cluster, why am I getting the following "Failed to proxy call to member" error?

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I am trying to add a new member to an existing cluster but it is showing the following error :"Failed to proxy call to member https://xxx:80809";

I tried the both of the following ways with the help of Splunk docs

splunk add shcluster-member -current_member_uri https://xxxx:8089

splunk add shcluster-member -new_member_uri https://xxxx:8089

My pass4SymmKey is the same in both places, but still i am facing an issue. Can any one help me to fix it?

thanks in advance

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The secret used to hash your pass4SymmKey on the new search head is most likely different than the others. Put this value in plain text and restart to have it encrypted to the proper value.

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