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How do you set up forwarding from Cisco's Firepower Event Streamer (eStreamer) to Splunk Cloud?

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I have set up a TCP connection from Splunk to Cisco's Firepower eStreamer. I am trying to figure out how to best forward events from Firepower to Splunk cloud. My idea was to install a heavy forwarder first, connect that through a TCP connection to firepower, then filter on the heavy forwarder and send to Splunk.

After connecting the heavy forwarder to Firepower I don't see any events being generated. Any tips on trouble shooting or is there a better way to do this?

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Hi Dijanad,
did you followed the instructions ( )?
because there's a perl client to enable and configure to extract data.

About the idea to use an Heavy Forwarder to filter and route data to Splunk Cloud, this is a best practice.

In addition, remember that you need of an Heavy Forwarder for each eStreamer node.


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