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splunk 6 simplexml searchtemplate not working?

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Has anybody used the searchTemplate with searchPostProcess with single element? I simply can't get it to work. It always shows 0.

If I run the concatenated search, it works fine. What's wrong? Here is the snippet of the code:

     sourcetype=sitescope Capsuletech:  host="UHSISMONCPRA*" | regex
 | head 2000 ]]>   </searchTemplate>

inside the "dashboard" element.

Then in a single element, I have

<searchPostProcess>search NOT UHCASSPR* | dedup MonitorName sortby -_time | stats count as total</searchPostProcess>
<field>total </field>
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Hi kundeng,

you should use a transforming command within your searchTemplate for best results; read the docs http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.2.0/AdvancedDev/PostProcess

cheers, MuS

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