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how to Add a link in dashboard to open other dashboard like drill down

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Hi ,

My requirement is to keep a link in a dashboard , which should open another dashboard or report .The linked dashboard will have a statistical table of data .The data should be based on the filter selection from parent dashboard.

Please help me out to sort this out.

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For example if your parent dashboard and target dashboard both have a time picker and a dropdown, then they will both have these elements:

<input type="time" token="time_tok">
<input type="dropdown" token="foo">

In the drilldown action of the parent element, you'll need to pass the token values to the target in the url. If it's a table or some visualization like that, it might look like this:

  <link target="_blank">/app/<your_app>/<target_dashboard>?form.foo=$foo$&form.time_tok.earliest=$time_tok.earliest$&form.time_tok.latest=$time_tok.latest$</link>

If the token names are different on the target dashboard, you'll need to change the names accordingly. If you want the drilldown to actually come from a link and not a table, you'll have to change the link target to update on token changes. This could be done like this:

    <a href="<url>/target_dashboard?form.foo=$foo$&form.time_tok.earliest=$time_tok.earliest$&form.time_tok.latest=$time_tok.latest$">Link to target dashboard with filters based on this pages settings</a>

You should refer to these docs for more detail. You are most interested in <link> and <drilldown>.

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