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how change the value of a token in JS?

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I want to insert the value of a date on a token:
I will choose for INPUT HTML.
Clicking a <button>, I wanted to set the chosen date in token

<input type="date" id="myDate" name="bday" min="2015-01-02" max="2030-01-02">
<button onclick="setarToken();"> Mostrar data </button>

I made a function like this:

function setarToken(){
    var myDateFn = document.getElementById("myDate").value;   // Here get the date of INPUT

     // And here I have that insert the date(myDateFn) in the token 
    // Something like
           $myToken$ = myDateFn ;


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The code for getting and setting token values via JavaScript looks like this:

// Access the "default" token model
var tokens = mvc.Components.get("default");

// Retrieve the value of a token $mytoken$
var tokenValue = tokens.get("mytoken");

// Change the value of a token $mytoken$
tokens.set("mytoken", "this is the new value");

Those are taken directly from the Splunk developer guide. I'd recommend starting at the section called "Bind data using tokens". It's pretty short and straightforward.

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if you convert simple xml to html, you still will not be able to decide the ids for the input tags, it will be something like

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