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date and month recognition from soruce file name for timepicker implementation


i am trying to implement Time picker for my dashboard . the dashboard gives monthly statistics .
my source data doesn't have any date or month or any timestamp ..
my source file name is " BTMNetJuly.csv" and BTMNetaugust.csv"
now as i select date ranges in splunk . i would like to get the results on the dashboard for that particular month.
i want the timepicker to pick the date from the source filename .
how is it possible . can anyone guide me .

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You can write a search to populate that. basically a rex should do it .

When the data is indexed is splunk placing the timestamp? There will be a _time value which will denote the time of the event ( In your case its very likely that splunk places the timestamp of when the file was indexed instead of the _time of event). So if a file in july has been indexed in Aug it might place the date in Aug when the file has been indexed as the _time value.

Coming back to rex

<| rex field=source "BTM_NET_(?\w+)\.">

will give you the month. To limit the data to this you might want to do this if the _time value becomes an issue.

   sourcetype=<yoursourcetype> source=*$Month$.csv | <remainingsearch>
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