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dashboard single value panel


For a dashboard visualization "single Value" it shows the top value either by count or time etc.

Is there a way to have it show multiple items or names ?

For example if a switch breaks down , then all the other machine connected to that switch show up in the single view panel

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This is kind-of the idea behind ITSI, too.

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There are two obvious things you can do -

1) You could create a multivalue field and display that. The different values will appear in the single value panel with commas between them. This works, but it's not pretty.

2) You could create two different panels, and use depends and reject to show and hide, respectively, the two potential displays. So, the single-value panel would have code for the token that says depends mytoken and the multiple value display would have code that says reject mytoken. Therefore, whenever token mytoken is defined, the single-value panel will display while the other hides. When there is an error and you want to reverse it, you unset mytoken and the multiple value will display while the other one hides.

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Have you looked at the new Trellis visualization option? I don't know if it will do what you want, but exactly what you want displayed hasn't been shared.

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