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add drop downs to form search in advanced xml


From the documentation here I can see that drop-downs are pretty easy to accomplish using basic dashboards. But I want to accomplish the same affect in an advanced xml dashboard. I have already done a search on this topic and found nothing quite what I'm looking for. Please help.

Here is a reference to the other topic I'm referring to.

And to answer the inquiry from the other topic - the reason I am trying to use advanced XML instead of simple XML dashboard is because I am trying to put 2 eventviewers on the same dashboard, driven by one search (click)

many thanks.

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Re: add drop downs to form search in advanced xml


It would vary depending on whether you want a static or dynamic (you input a search) drop down list.

Heres a snippet of code for a static one.

       <module name="StaticSelect">
                                <param name="settingToCreate">savedsearch</param>
                                <param name="staticFieldsToDisplay">
                                                       <param name="value">Computing Report</param>
                                                       <param name="label">Reports</param>



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