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use multi-panel in the TabSwitcher ?

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I use TabSwitcher to arrange the interface of my dashboard, it is easy to put one panel in one tab and works fine.
but I get some trouble to use multi-panel in one tab. for example, to put 4 chart in one tab, which is arranged to 2x2 layout.

Is it possible?

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I have this set up and working fine...

I have the panels within the tabs arranged identically when using columns...

You have another option, to use the _grpx param instead of the colx... that way the panels do not have to be identical across tabs... you can have 2 charts/tables on row1 in one tab and 1 or 3 on the other tab working nicely...

I still have some issues with panel titles but found i could use generic titles to describe all the modules within the panels...

Requires some playing around but works great

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