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Why is my Splunk REST API Saved Searches Query not handling namespace parameter?

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(I am currently using Splunk 6.3.3 if that matters.)

Looking at the JavaScript documentation andit appears that I should be able to filter saved searches based on owner, app, and sharing.

I have three saved searches defined in an application:

  • alt text

However, when I attempt to get only these searches in the JavaScript & REST API, I see a list of globally shared searches for a variety of different applications:

# Some Javascript...

const splunkConfig = {
  # username, password, etc. for the ohd user
const service = new splunkjs.Service(splunkConfig);
const savedSearches = service.savedSearches({owner: "ohd", app: "dev_ohd", sharing: "user"});
savedSearches.fetch(function (err, savedSearches) {
  for (let i = 0; i < savedSearches.list().length; i++) {
    let searchInstance = savedSearches.list()[i];

When run this, the above code prints out the following:

... # correct owner, wrong app, wrong sharing
{ owner: 'ohd', app: 'search', sharing: 'global' }

# correct owner, app, and sharing
{ owner: 'ohd', app: 'dev_ohd', sharing: 'user' }
{ owner: 'ohd', app: 'dev_ohd', sharing: 'user' }
{ owner: 'ohd', app: 'dev_ohd', sharing: 'user' }

# wrong owner, app, and sharing
{ owner: 'kevwang', app: 'search', sharing: 'global' }
{ owner: 'ohd',
  app: 'splunk_management_console',
  sharing: 'global' }
Per-Panel Filtering - Activity By User Over Time
{ owner: 'admin', app: 'SA-Utils', sharing: 'global' }
Per-Panel Filtering - Recent Activity
{ owner: 'admin', app: 'SA-Utils', sharing: 'global' }
Per-Panel Filtering - Top Users
{ owner: 'admin', app: 'SA-Utils', sharing: 'global' }

Is there something obvious that I am missing? Using the REST API through splunk_instance_ip:8089/servicesNS/ohd/dev_ohd/saved/searches the same problem exists.

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This is the expected behavior. You're seeing searches that are shared globally, which means they effectively do not have an app context.

In your screen shot you have "this apps" selected as your filter, if you select "all" you'll see the other searches there as well.

I think you can use this pagination and filter option to get exactly what you're looking for though:



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