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Why is SVG background broken in version 9.1?


After installing version 9.1 it seems all my SVGs on dashboard no longer have transparent backgrounds. even the one in the dashboard studio have white boxes around them. 


I even tried creating the simplest transparent/no fill rectangle and there is still a solid white fill. 

I validated the code works in online tools, is there a new attribute or version tag that needs to be input? 


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I've just come here to post the same issue and verified on a fresh install that this not just an issue with our instance.

I have been doing some experimentation and the issue lies in the iframe that the SVG is placed in to. There is a CSS attribute called "color scheme" that has two values: light and dark. Having either of those set forces the background colour of the iframe to be either white, or dark mode. The SVG itself isn't broken, the transparency is just showing the underlying background colour. I removed that attribute in the CSS editor and all is well now:

iframe ld.jpg

iframe n.jpg

I would have no idea how to override that for now though.


Found the issue. It's a mismatch when using a browser with a dark theme. Until they fix it, you'll need to use a light themed browser unfortunately.

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Yeah this seems to mitigate the problem. 
Unfortunatly if you are using chrome you have to change your global system settings. 

I hope this will get patched in the next update.

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