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Why does my iFrame widget not work?


My goal is to put an iFrame widget in a Dashboard.

I've tried this once before with the same code (afaik), which worked. This was about a month ago, but I did not save that Dashboard...
The Edit-->Source mode does not give any errors, and I can press on SAVE. However, when I view the Dashboard after, the area where there is supposed to be Wikipedia is empty. The iFrame widget does not seem to load.
When I put in there, it does work.

Code I used is written below. I put wikipedia in there as an example. Since this website allows itself to be embedded.

What am I forgetting? How do I make this work?

          <title>TEST - iFrame in Dashboard</title>
             <iframe src="https://www.wikipedia.org/" height="200px" width="100px"/>


For Splunk Enterprise, dashboard_html_allow_embeddable_content must be set to true in the appropriate app's web.conf; see this discussion for details.  

I've tried doing the same thing for a Splunk Cloud instance.  Unfortunately, the custom app fails the app validation during installation in Splunk Cloud because of the configuration changes to the web.conf file.  I've posted a question about this specifically for Splunk Cloud. 

I know this post is over a year old but I came across it while Googling for a solution to the problem and thought I'd link to the related posts.

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