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Why does RSS feed not create the right URL to the report? And why a noop?

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A scheduled dashboard creation runs and creates a update in the RSS field, but two things do not work.

  1. The URL is incorrect. It shows up as admin_search_X1NjaGVkdWxlZFZpZXdfX2RlYWxlcnRyYWNrX2RhaWx5X3N5c3RlbXNfcmVwb3J0_at_1302210720_7ed552209288256e">http://www.dtsplunk1.com:8000/app/search/@go?sid=scheduler_admin_search_X1NjaGVkdWxlZFZpZXdfX2RlYWxlcnRyYWNrX2RhaWx5X3N5c3RlbXNfcmVwb3J0_at_1302210720_7ed552209288256e The server name is dtsplunk1, however the www should not be there and it should contain a different internal FQDN. Where is it getting this URL from?
  2. If I change it to the right URL, I get a search screen with the search of noop (no OP) I guess.

How do I fix #1 and what can I do about #2 since it is not showing the report that it should?

Thanks Chris

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