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Why are Values for 2nd panel not coming from 1st panel?


Hi Team,

I have created two panels

My first panel details are:

<![CDATA[index=abc ns=blazegateway app_name=blazecrsgateway* "serviceResponseStatus" $Ope$ $caller$ $status$
|rex field=_raw "operation:(?P<Operation>.*), serviceResponseStatus"
|rex field=_raw "caller:(?P<Caller>.*) =" |rex field=_raw "serviceResponseTime\(ms\)=(?P<Response_Time>.*)"
| eventstats count by Caller|rename Caller as "GRS Caller"
|lookup ApplicationRef.csv GRSCaller as "GRS Caller" OUTPUT DisplayName
|rename "GRS Caller" as "GRSCaller"
|eval CallerName=If(isnull(DisplayName),GRSCaller,DisplayName)
| table CallerName Operation Response_Time serviceResponseStatus date|rename CallerName as "GRS Caller"
| rename date as "Date" | rename serviceResponseStatus as "Response_Status"|sort - Date]]>

<set token="show_panel1">true</set>
<set token="selected_value">$click.value$</set>


From this I am getting details as below:

GRS Caller   Operation   ResponseTime   Status         Date

OneForce     ls                       286 ms                   Success    2022-06-27
OneForce     dmrupload      381 ms                    Failure   2022-06-27


I want when I click on 1st row the detailed description of 1st row should come.

Can someone guide me what query I can make for 2nd panel extraction

Currently I have make this but its not working


<panel depends="$show_panel1$">
<title>Caller Details1</title>
<query>abc ns=blazegateway app_name=blazecrsgateway* "serviceResponseStatus" $Ope$ $caller$ $status$ $selected_value$ </query>
<option name="count">100</option>


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Where does your 'detailed description' come from and what would be the search that finds this - you are just using the token $selected_value$

$click.value$ will not be useful for the drilldown - your drilldown setting should be "row" and the tokens set should be

  <set token="show_panel1">true</set>
  <set token="selected_caller">$row.GRS Caller$</set>
  <set token="selected_op">$row.Operation$</set>
  <set token="selected_rt">$row.ResponseTime$</set>
  <set token="selected_tatus">$row.Status$</set>
  <set token="selected_date">$row.Date$</set>
  <set token="selected_XXX">$row.other_field1...$</set>

However, you are doing lots of other stuff in your original search which means the clicked row will not be useful for the search, e.g. you extract Operation via a rex statement.

It would be better to just 'save' all the fields you want from the first search and then display them with a simple query in the second panel.

i.e. collect ALL the fields you want into the table statement in the first search. Then add

<fields>"GRS Caller","Operation"."Response_Time","Response_Status","Date"

in the XML to restrict what fields are shown

in the second panel just make the query do something like

| makeresults
| eval GRS_Caller=$selected_caller$
| eval Operation=$selected_op$
... other eval statements to assign fields from tokens
| table your_wanted_fields
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