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What kind of visualization or dashboard should I use to represent my data?

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The final data from Splunk I have is in the form of a CSV file with about 180 rows (product) and columns that records the change in sale.

Product    mean     variance
Apples   increase   no change
Oranges decrease    decrease
bananas no change   no change 
water     increase  increase 
soda       increase increase

I want to create a dashboard to get a sense of the above table. What is the best visual representation data of this nature?
Any leads are appreciated!

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Since you've lot of series values (measurement), here is what you can try

1) Table :- From Splunk 6.x Dashboard Example app, see the examples for "Table Icon Set". You can simply list all measurement and provide an icon based on its mean/variance.

2) Column chart, You can assign value of 1 for increase, 0 for no change and -1 for decrease in the search and the column chart will show values Above/below the x-axis to denote increase/decrease.