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I'm trying ot add a bit of jazzyness to my simple_xml form and I wanted to put some colour on a couple of html eliments. I know I can add a style sheet / add style tag but I wanted to use the brand names so it changes as the tool does (Eg brandColorD30). I thought it might be possible like in bootstrap by adding it to the class by this didn't work.

Any tips would be helpfull.

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@alucarddjin could you please add a little more details with example as to what you are trying to do in Splunk Dashboards? Also mock-up if possible.

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Splunk has a style guide with a number of set colours. These can be used in charts on dashboards with calling them by name. I wanted to try and use the names of the colours instead of the hex so if the tool updates the colours follow. EG:

Instead of-
<div style="color:#389038;">Hex Baby</div>

I could use-
<div class="brandColorD30">Branded Baby</div>

Without setting up my own stylesheet.

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